Julien Martin
Product Design Lead

  • 15 years of experience in digital product design.
    9 years working remotely with teams accross the globe.
  • 100+ projects successfully shipped.
  • World-class UI, UX, visual design & art direction.
  • Team player, entrepreneur mindset, overall nice guy.

Your Map, Your People

  • Zenly is a live map of your friends & family, packed with one-of-a-kind and incredibly fun features our users love.
  • Leading design & art direction since 2016. Early on, I helped set the tone and vibe of the product by creating unique features and interfaces.
  • Millions of users worldwide. Every day.
  • Joined the Snap Inc. family in 2017.

Apps That Stand Out

  • Long lasting relationship with David Barnard (@drbarnard) led to create apps that are still used everyday by millions of users.
  • I've been challenged to create original user interfaces and experiences for a wide range of apps, such as Launch Center Pro.
  • Award-winning, critically acclaimed, apps throughout the years.
  • Weather Up (né Perfect Weather) started as a project in 2012 but due to the release of iOS 7, a complete overhaul was needed.
    It ultimately shipped in September 2013 and got immediately featured by Apple.

Community Hubs

  • Igloo allowed users and brands to create private or public spaces where bots, events, sales or even games could happen.
  • I've led the design & brand of the app. I also oversaw the web, iOS & Android implementations, ending up with product specifications and a fully-fledged design system.
  • Project started in late 2015 but got axed in mid-2016 despite the growing interest. Also, at this time, Zenly was irresistibly growing on me.

Rent the Cars Next Door

  • OuiCar is a french online service that allows anyone to quickly and intuitively rent his own car, or search for a car to rent.
  • I've drafted and designed the iOS & Android MVPs and all the additional app updates from 2013 to 2015. Product traction and growth ensued.
  • Acquired by SNCF (French Amtrak) in 2016.

Want More?
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  • I had the chance to work with exceptional clients and partners in my extensive design career, that started in NYC in 2006, during my time at Behance.
  • I ran many entrepreneurial projects from 2008 to 2016. Some ultimately failed but I learned a lot in the process.